Marin Asagi is a 13 year old student who is the protagonist of the series. She was abandoned at birth and was adopted by the elderly couple, Gen and Moto Asagi. Her protector is Melan Blue.

Marin Asagi
Vital statistics
Age 13
Status alive
Physical attributes
Voiced By Kaori (Japanese)

Wendee Lee (English)


Marin is shown to be a rather cheery kid who wishes for her life to get better. She seems to show a soft side for many people and is best friends with Moe Kisaragi. She is also very curious and imaginative as seen on many occasions.


Marin is a rather small girl who wears glasses. She is normally seen with her hair tied back. She normally wears skirts or dresses and t-shirts or sweaters. She wears panties with fabric stitched into the back.