Erin Garnet is a pink female Gun-Swordsman,who fought alongside Pyon Silver and Melan Blue until Melan defected to protect Marin Asagi ,who he believed to be the real Creis Marine. She is voiced by Kae Araki in the original Japanese version and by Wendee Lee in the English dub.


Like Pyon, Erin believes Melan to be a traitor to their former bond and wants to destroy him. Unlike Melan, she is callous, uncaring if humans get hurt or not in combat, and will gladly kill them if necessary. Her weapon is a pink rapier instead of a sword like Melan and Pyon have. She also possesses disks which she can deploy at will to deflect blasts. Though she serves as Melan and Marin's opponent for most of the series, along with the rest of the Monomakia and forces of Brigadoon, she joins their side thanks to Marin's kindness towards her. She even helps to provide an antidote to the Proliferation Promotion Monomakia that was affecting Moe Kisaragi in episode sixteen: 'Eternal Green..' that was causing her to grow exponentially, along with Melan and Marin. 

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