Blue-Colored Introduction is the first episode of the Brigadoon: Marin and Melan anime.


Marin Asagi, a 13 year old girl, is seen racing bikes with a man while delivering papers. She beats the man, who is delivering milk. After she heads home, she decides to carve her wishes into a tree. She wishes that she can be best friends with her classmate Moe Kisaragi forever, that her farsightedness goes away, that she get's better grades in class and finally that better things happen to her family.

She then follows her "advisor" Lolo. She then finds a stone in the wall instead. She dreads about what will happen, but takes it and is confronted and scolded by a woman for carving things into her sacred tree. She goes home to eat with her family who are very poor. She meets with her family to discuss about being poor. After a brief meal, she heads off to school to meet with her friend Moe. She asks why Moe looks so shy, but while this is happening, a classmate of her's named Isshin lifts her skirt and get's it stuck in her straps. As Marin is called up to receive an award, Moe signals her that her panties are showing as Marin screams in embarrassment, but as this is happening, the sky changes and odd patterns are seen. Her classmates believe it was because she showed her panties, but it is because of something else. At home, a robot appears and chases Marin as she tries to flee, but just before it can kill her, she throws ampoule and a Monomakia named Melan Blue appears and protects her.

He takes her to a ride at the carnival and hides her there as he fights the robot. The robot nearly kills Marin, but Melan destroys it and asks if Marin's okay, however she just asks if he saw her underwear.

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